Med et halvt øre

| March 8th, 2008

halvtoereThe sound installation ’Med et halvt øre’ (‘Listening with half an ear’) is a
homage to misunderstanding. Just as we can get completely the wrong end of the
stick from overhearing random snippets of conversations in a train or on the
street, ‘Med et halvt øre’ misconstrues its own inputs and plays back its own false
version of reality.

Using an omidirectional microphone, ‘Med et halvt øre’ records short sound
intervals from the exhibition space. These sound bites are then processed by
chaos algorithms, which fragment the recordings, and the result is played back
through a 4+1 surround system.
From the moment you step into the room where ‘Med et halvt øre’ is installed,
you become part of it. Interaction with the installation is immediate and highly
captivating. The space’s acoustic activity is the subject of a real‐time process
where the installation plays back captured sounds of its surroundings. The
constantly evolving sound picture is continually influenced by the prevailing
sound environment – although you may be able to discern your own voice and
the room’s acoustics, the installation finds its own logic and context in its

’Med et halvt øre’ structures its input around association processes, similar to
those of the brain’s neural network. The installation endeavours to recognize
structures and generate a meaningful context – but all its efforts fail
spectacularly. The result is an intriguing, fragmented ‘sound interface’ that
reproduces a completely different story to that actually told by the room.

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