| March 4th, 2010


Meyer Bacon

Don’t confuse Danish electronic experimentalist Mikkel Meyer with German techno producer Michael Mayer. Whereas Kompakt artist Mayer makes taught and cohesive digital music, Denmark’s Meyer takes a scattershod approach to avant-bass tracks. On Bacon, spacious dubstep numbers like “Kotelet” seem on the verge of collapse, crackling with static, brittle rimshots, and unstable sub-bass notes. MCs Non from Shadowhuntaz and Tanzanians Lufu and Chidi Benz add random vocals to a few tunes, but instrumental works such as “Ostetaerte” are far more mysterious and potent. The highlight is also the finale: “Jordbærkage” veers smoothly into 2562’s dubtech territory. If you fancy a varied approach to electronics with an artful twist, then grab a slab of Bacon.

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