Some weeks ago the SPOT festival in Århus, Denmark, announced that this years version of the festival will see a very special and unique live performance from the Copenhagen Collaboration under the name “Copenhagen Collaboration reworked by T. Finland and Mikkel Meyer“. That’s what the picture above is illustrating – it was taken by the kind and talented Kristian Klintholm.
Usually when I read stuff like this I catch myself thinking something along the lines of “ahhh, how unique and special that performance is really going to be?” – well, this time we promise you that it’s true – at least it’s unlike what any of us has ever done before – and we will only do it this one time.
With the help of electronic music artists T. Finland and Mikkel Meyer we will try to pull off a live remix concert at this years festival. This is not to be understood as that they will be remixing our records live on stage. NO, they will be remixing and re-structuring our music while we perform it. Live on stage. In real time.
On a practical level this will mean the stage will be split between the band (consisting of us musicians) on one side and the remixers on the other side. We hear what we ourselves play through the headphones we’ll all be wearing while Finland & Meyer will decide what audience hears. They will re-construct all the elements of the songs into brand new remixed variations of the songs. And they’ll do it right there on the spot – and that will be what the audience hears. We, the musicians will still be hearing the actual sound of the instruments in the headphones – so even if they e.g. decide to kill the guitar on the chorus, the guitar player will still be hammering away on his guitar as always. They even have power to switch off the entire band and rework the songs as a capella numbers if they want.
We are super excited about doing this show. It’s going to be extremely complicated to plan, rehearse and execute, but I guess those things shouldn’t hold you back, right? Artistically I believe we’re gonna produce some gorgeous music through this show, and as music nerd I think its super cool to be able to give the audience an experience that’s very different from the normal procedures for a concert.
We got into this through the festival’s grand old man, Gunner Madsen, who approached us in October last year and told us that he had heard about our collective and thought it sounded like the kind of collaborations that musicians and artists did back in the 70s in Århus. Especially in the way that our collaboration doesn’t have any specific purpose or goal behind, but is more based on a shared ideology (although ours is not quite as political as groups he was thinking about). He said he liked that way of thinking, and told us, that if we wanted to try out something new, crazy or just different from what we normally did, he might be interested in including it in the festival.
Based on that, we brainstormed on a bunch of things and ended up decided that this was the most crazy/diffucult one to pull off – so we had to go for it.

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