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On the 29 of November, from 19 – 21 Danish time, The Danish sound artist Mikkel Meyer fills the airwaves with Nordic food, and invites you to join the dinner. Here you will meet four interesting gentlemen at the restaurant called Radio in Copenhagen. The location of the restaurant is quite special: it used to be the studio of the experimental Danish radio programme, Lydmuren, the digital remains of which were broadcast on Mobile Radio BSP at the 30th Bienal of São Paulo from the 10 – 15 October 2012. The people you will meet are the poets Jens Blendstrup and Niels Ivar Larsen, composer Jacob Riis and CEO of the Meyer Group Emil Bruun Blauert. What the four have in common is their shared – albeit extremely different – takes on what you might call experimental montage and that they have all worked with these techniques in this Radio building.

The conversation will be streamed live to you on Mobile Radio BSP from the Bienal in São Paulo and on Resonance104.4 FM in London. The transmission will embody two parallel conversations, since four English translators will translate, simultaneously, the conversation from Danish into English. These conversations will be mixed with ambient sounds from the restaurant, creating a picture in sound of the whole setting. So tune in and enjoy a gourmet dinner at Radio on radio.

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Mikkel Meyer


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